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Prince of the Blood - Raymond E. Feist

I have followed the series from the beginning of the Rift War Saga. As a follow up story I loved the fact that Feist ages his characters. Here we follow the twin sons of Arutha (A hero from the Saga). As the sons of royalty, the brothers believe they can do as they please. To tame their wild nature Arutha sends them on a mission with Jimmy "The Hand" former thief, now a member of the royal court. The adventure takes a unexpected turn when the brothers are separated and each must deal with the life threatening situations. I like Mister Feist's ability to keep the novels story moving into the future, while dropping reminders to keep his earlier stories and characters alive.


A reading of the entire Rift War Saga is helpful for Feist's references especially to Pug the Magician,